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Nagitei is Musahsi’s best guest rooms. All Nagitei rooms are located on the top floors and feature a grand view of the Pacific Ocean. Exceptional service is provided.

Deluxe Guest Rooms have a good ocean view and located on the ocean side of 9th to 13th floors. Standard Guest Rooms with an unspecified view are located on the 5th to 8th floors.

These special priced rooms are large enough to accommodate many guests and have the size of 10 tatami mats.

Natural hot spring water from two fountainheads. The outdoor rotenburo baths feature fresh onsen water.

The hot springs of Shirahama Onsen have 1300 years of history. The hot water from these springs is very smooth. Our outdoor baths and mid size indoor baths use hot water from Suzushiyu hot spring, and the large indoor baths use hot water from Saimeiyu hot spring. The outdoor baths feature non-recycled hot spring water, so the hot water is always fresh for 24 hours a day. Other baths include vibration baths and mild temperature baths. We have saunas as well.
※The mid size and large size indoor baths use recycled hot spring water. And we use heated tap waters for the mild temperature baths and vibration baths.
※Closed during the cleaning hour.

Rotenburo (outdoor baths)

The outdoor baths use fresh, non-recycled kakenagashi hot spring water. Open 24 hours.Soak your body in the smooth hot spring water of Shirahama Onsen

Large size indoor baths

Western style white indoor baths with the tile floor.Stretch your body in the spacious hot tub and relax.

Mid size indoor baths

Enjoy a wide variety of hot spring baths at Musashi.

[Other baths] Vibration baths
Sauna・Mild temperature baths

Please enter the bath area from the Bath Entrance on the ground floor. The large indoor baths are located upstairs. Take stairs from inside to get there.

Therapeutic Benefits by onsen water

Suzushiyu hot spring of Shirahama Onsen

Character of onsen water Mineral content: Sodium chloride
Therapeutic Benefits Believed to ease or cure rheumatism, gout, nerve pain and burns.
Information about onsen (hot spring baths) ・Outdoor baths with the kakenagashi (fresh and not recycled) hot spring water
・Water temperature at the fountainhead: 59°
・Celsius30% of the hot water is tap water added to cool it down
・The hot water comes through the pipes from the local fountainhead.

Saimeiyu hot spring, owned by Musashi

Character of onsen water Mineral content: Sodium chloride
Therapeutic Benefits Believed to ease or cure rheumatism, nerve pain, diabetes and gynecological disorders.
Information about onsen (hot spring baths) ・Large size indoor baths
・Mid size indoor baths (the hot spring water is recycled)
・Water temperature at the fountainhead: 39°
・Celsius5% of the hot water is tap water added to cool it down

Onsen hot spring baths

Facilities Rotenburo (outdoor baths), large size indoor baths, mid size indoor baths, vibration baths, mild temperature baths, and saunas. Each is separated based on sex.
Opening hours Outdoor baths: 24 hours (except the time for cleaning)
Communal baths: 3PM-11PM, 6AM-10AM
Sauna: 3PM-0AM (midnight)
Amenities Face towel, 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, body wash, soap, brush, razor, shower cap, a locker with a key (no charge), one baby bed, and hairdryer.
※Bath towels are provided in guest rooms.

About Ashiyu (foot bath)

Mifune Ashiyu, a foot bathhouse, is located about one minute towards Engetsu Island from the hotel.The bathhouse is operated by the town of Shirahama. Enjoy the view of Engetsu Island while soaking your feet in hot spring water.
※They say it’s good to soak your feet for about 15 to 20 minutes in the hot water of around 42° Celsius; however, the soaking time varies from person to person. Please decide the duration according to your physical condition.
※The bathhouse is facing the ocean, so sometimes the wind is strong. Please take care of your bags. The same hot spring water is used in the outdoor baths at Musashi. Please feel free to take towels from our lobby if you decide to try the foot bath.

Opening hours Between 8AM and 10PM
Fees Free of charge
Access About 100 meters to the left from Musashi’s entrance
About the hot spring water Name of the hot spring: SuzushiyuType: Kakenagashi (non-recycled)Mineral Content: Sodium and Magnesium ChlorideTherapeutic Benefits: Said to ease nerve pain, muscle soreness, joint pain and burns.
Others Towels are provided for our hotel guests at the front desk.
Please feel free to use them.