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Nagitei is Musahsi’s best guest rooms. All Nagitei rooms are located on the top floors and feature a grand view of the Pacific Ocean. Exceptional service is provided.

Deluxe Guest Rooms have a good ocean view and located on the ocean side of 9th to 13th floors. Standard Guest Rooms with an unspecified view are located on the 5th to 8th floors.

These special priced rooms are large enough to accommodate many guests and have the size of 10 tatami mats.

Using the freshest seasonal delicacies,
we bring you colorfully arranged dishes.
Please indulge yourself with the finest cuisine from our chefs.

Our Japanese Restaurant offers you a gorgeous dinner Buffet with Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes.Served hot just taken from the open kitchen. Enjoy beef steaks, seafood dishes and tempura. What we offer is always the best in the season. From October to March, we have rare kue (kelp bass) dinner.

Enjoy Musahsi’s unique flavors of Japanese cuisine. Our dinner menu includes seasonal delicacies from the sea: Ise-ebi (spiny lobster), awabi (abalone), sashimi tsukuri (an assortment of seasonal fish served raw), and beef shabu-shabu hotpots. The dinner is served in the banquet halls or in guest rooms.

Kue is a high valued fish and very rare to find. In recent years, it has been successfully cultivated in Shirahama and it tastes as good as naturally caught one. In the cold seasons, try this fish in a hotpot dish.
*The photo is an example of dishes and they may be different in each season.