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Nagitei is Musahsi’s best guest rooms. All Nagitei rooms are located on the top floors and feature a grand view of the Pacific Ocean. Exceptional service is provided.

Deluxe Guest Rooms have a good ocean view and located on the ocean side of 9th to 13th floors. Standard Guest Rooms with an unspecified view are located on the 5th to 8th floors.

These special priced rooms are large enough to accommodate many guests and have the size of 10 tatami mats.

Only one minute walk to the beautiful Shirarahama beach. Great location to explore the sights in the Nanki area.

Directions to Nanki Shirahama

By Airplane
By Airplane

※For more information, please visit JAL (Japan Airline) web site or inquire JAL directly.

JAL official web site

For airline ticket reservations and checking seat availability and airfare

By Train
By Train

To Shin-Osaka by JR Tokaido Shinkansen


To Shin-Osaka by JR West Japan Shinkansen

※Both Super Kuroshio and Ocean Arrow express trains stop at Shin-Osaka station. If you are taking a bullet train, then switch to trains at Shin-Osaka station.
※10 minutes by car from Shirahama station to the hotel.
12 minutes by bus. Take a Meiko bus that is heading to Shin-yuzaki, Sandan or Heisogen. Get off at the Shirahama Bus Center stop. Our hotel is located nearby.
For more information, please visit JR Odekake.Net.

By highway bus
By highway bus

※Shirahama Bus Center is just in front of Musashi
For more information, please visit the Meiko Bus website.

By car
By car

※The road via Koyasan is closed during the winter months.
Visit West Nippon Expressway to check fares and search routes.

How to use shuttle buses

For visitors to our hotel, free shuttle buses operated by Shirahama Onsen Ryokan Association are available.

One shuttle bus leaves every hour from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. After leaving Shirahama station, the bus makes stops at several hotels in the area.

The shuttle bus takes more time compared to the local bus or taxi. If you are in a hurry, we recommend you to take a local bus or taxi.

The shuttle bus cannot be used once it’s on its way. The bus leaves as soon as all 45 seats are taken, so it could leave before the designated departure time.

For more information, visit Shirahama Onsen Ryokan Association

※Reservations are required for the morning shuttle buses.