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Nagitei is Musahsi’s best guest rooms. All Nagitei rooms are located on the top floors and feature a grand view of the Pacific Ocean. Exceptional service is provided.

Deluxe Guest Rooms have a good ocean view and located on the ocean side of 9th to 13th floors. Standard Guest Rooms with an unspecified view are located on the 5th to 8th floors.

These special priced rooms are large enough to accommodate many guests and have the size of 10 tatami mats.

The moment you enter the lobby,
you will see our hotel retains the relaxing air of
pure Japanese style.
The hot water in the baths comes from two local fountainheads. Among all our baths, the outdoor baths use non-recycled kakenagashi hot spring water and open for 24 hours a day.
※The hot spring water in the large and mid size indoor baths is recycled.
Japan’s Black Current brings us a multitude of seafood, so we always have plenty of fresh seafood to serve you.Our Japanese kaiseki dinner offers what’s best in the season. Or you can enjoy a dinner buffet from our open kitchen.

The hotel has sixteen floors and includes the following types of guest rooms: the Nagitei rooms are our best rooms on the top floors; the Aoikan rooms on the upper floors offer the good view of the ocean; the Kusunokikan rooms and the Tachibanakan rooms are affordably priced. Musashi has all you need.

One minute walk to Shirarahama, a famous beautiful white beach. About 10 minutes by car to both Shirahama Airport and Adventure World Zoo. Also other major attractions are nearby.